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Anonymous asked:

"I'm so tired of men being shallow about overweight women." *Goes through messages on OKC and only responds to men who are over 5'11 and athletic* "Pff so many ugly men on here"


Dear friend,
Try talking to some more actual, non-imaginary women, because this doesn’t sound like any thought process any of us has ever really had.
You poor thing. Your height and looks aren’t the problem. The problem is you’re the kind of person who sends whiny anonymous messages that reveal your misogynistic view of women on tumblr. How about working on making your personality more appealing?

xoxo A



Normally I just ignore criticisms about my profile picture and everything but this actually made me cry, I had just recently gotten to a point where I accepted it’s not my fault and I’m not to blame. This is a 65 year old man. Keep in mind I’m only 18. My profile picture is me laying down and looking at the camera and you can see a bit of cleavage. 

sweetie, this guy is a scumbag and you absolutely didn’t deserve that. this actually really upset me and i hope it didn’t get to you too much. how anyone can still have this victim-shaming attitude in the 21st century is way beyond me. 

Thank you

" Yeah dont post on my shit you dumb bitch? Not believing in God just hurts you. Go hurt yourself. Not the christians known as all of my friends." I know not all Christians are asses but really? I commented that religion isn’t a measure of intelligence because he was dissing theists and satanists and went on to say that IQ tests aremy good measures of intelligence because there’s multiple types of intelligence and it only measures "school" intelligence. but ya know, telling the unstable, depressive girl to hurt herself shows you’re a good person.

The Stories In The Sky. (Draft)

One day, I hope you’ll look out at the sky and see the truth. I hope you’ll see the truth about love, mystery, and jealousy. Maybe you’ll see the true beauty of this world, how all the stars aligned perfectly so that we would meet. Look closely and you’ll see all the world is, was, and will ever be; you’ll see the never ending beauty of it all. One day I’ll be gone but I hope the memories and joy last long after I’m gone. Promise me you’ll still go out and look at the sky and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see all the stories that I wrote for you, all of which end with “I love you.”.

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