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The Stories In The Sky. (Draft)

One day, I hope you’ll look out at the sky and see the truth. I hope you’ll see the truth about love, mystery, and jealousy. Maybe you’ll see the true beauty of this world, how all the stars aligned perfectly so that we would meet. Look closely and you’ll see all the world is, was, and will ever be; you’ll see the never ending beauty of it all. One day I’ll be gone but I hope the memories and joy last long after I’m gone. Promise me you’ll still go out and look at the sky and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see all the stories that I wrote for you, all of which end with “I love you.”.

I’m so full of regrets that the blood drops are my only way of leaching my supposed sins. I refuse food in case its eaten with malicious, water is of no use for I drunk it with bitter words. I refuse to speak since my words are forces once they leave my lips. My gaze is down, I can’t risk eye contact, how can I look at those who despise and destroy me? Its all my fault, I’m told I’m at fault. I hide to avoid conflict and get beaten down more and more with false accusations. This is how the world is. There’s no one to trust, so why bother? Why live?

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